Bihar Election 2020: Regional parties express more trust in women


This time the participation of women in the elections has increased compared to earlier. Regional parties have given tickets to more women, but national parties lag behind. So far, out of the total 115 seats of its share for all three phases, JDU has relied on women and has fielded 22 women candidates. JDU has made more than 20 percent of women candidates.

BJP has fielded women candidates on 14 out of 110 candidates. Similarly, 16 of the 144 seats of the RJD have women candidates. The Congress has given tickets to 7 women in 70 seats. There is one woman in 11 seats of VIP and 18 women candidates in LJP.

It is clear from these figures that while regional parties like JDU, LJP have given importance to women's candidature, parties like BJP-Congress-RJD are lagging behind in reposing trust in women. Congress has cut ten percent of women, while the national leadership is in the hands of women.

Controversy over Manju and Manorama in JDU

JDU may be at the forefront of giving tickets to women, but Cheria is surrounded by giving tickets to Manju Verma from Bariarpur. JDU has made Manorama Devi its candidate from Attari.

While Manju Verma is in controversy over the Muzaffarpur shelter home scandal, Manorama's son is accused of killing the son of a businessman in Gaya. Shalini Mishra is the JDU candidate from Kesaria. Meena Kamat has been contesting from JDU since October.

Lovely, Vibha and Kiran's candidacy discussed in RJD

RJD has nominated Lovely Anand, wife of Bahubali Anand Mohan, while Vibha Devi, wife of former matriarch Rajaballabh Yadav, accused of raping a minor, has been nominated from Nawada. Kiran Devi has been fielded from Sandesh seat in Bhojpur district, who is the wife of MLA Arun Yadav, accused of rape.

The party has fielded Savitri Devi from Chakai, Anita Devi from Nokha, Sweety Hembram from Kataria, Samta Devi from Barachatti, Sangeeta Devi from Mohania, Manju Agarwal from Shanghai. RJD candidate from Tarapur, Divya Prakash is the daughter of former Union Minister Jayaprakash Narayan Yadav. The RJD fielded Ritu Jaiswal from Sitamarhi's rectification. From Madhepura, Congress has given a ticket to Subhashini Yadav, daughter of senior socialist leader Sharad Yadav.

BJP gives hope with credit and hope

The BJP has given a ticket to international shooter Shreyasi Singh from Jamui. Shreyashi has recently joined the party. Asha Sinha, a three-time MLA from Danapur, has been re-nominated by the party despite her displeasure.

Pushpam Priya is seeking votes in Aanchal

Plurals chief Pushpam Priya Chaudhary, who has entered politics, considers herself the chief ministerial candidate. When they come out in the Pushpam area, they are asking for their wishes. In Bihari society, a wish is a symbol of good luck. Plurals from Bankipur are prominent in Pushpam Priya Chaudhary Maidan.

In front of him is Luv Sinha, son of Shatrughan Sinha. Apart from these, plurals from Digha have fielded Shambhavi Singh. Shambhavi has been a journalist by profession.

Reason for the opportunity for women

In 2015, the BJP gave tickets to 15 women, four of whom won. RJD fielded 10 women and all ten won. JDU also gave a chance to 10 women out of which 9 won. Congress gave tickets to 5 women and four won.

This time the number of women voters is 3 crore 39 lakhs. In view of the previous result, most of the parties have put forward women to win this time too.

Half the population share

Talking about the participation of women in politics here, in 2010, 34 women were elected and reached the assembly. In 2015, 28 women became MLAs. Women were outnumbered in voting in the last election.

Of the total male voters, 54 percent voted while 59 percent of the total female voters voted. If women voters reach the booths, then obviously the number of women legislators in the new assembly can increase.

Which party made candidates for how many women

JDU has 22 women candidates in 115 seats

BJP has 14 women candidates in 110 seats

RJD 16 women candidates in 144 seats

Congress has 7 women candidates in 70 seats

One female candidate on VIP 11 seat

18 women candidates in LJP