Big success against drugs, three arrested with seven kg of opium


Police and various agencies across the country are taking action against drugs. In such a situation, Uttarakhand STF has got a big success in which they arrested three people originally from Nepal with seven kilograms of opium. The accused used to bring this opium from Nepal at cheap prices and used to sell it in Dehradun via Uttar Pradesh.

DIG STF Riddhim Agarwal said that action has been taken in the Clementstown police station area. The STF had been receiving information about a trafficker named Marich for a long time. Its activities were constantly being monitored.

Late Monday, it was reported that Marich and his two companions were carrying some narcotics. This information was raided in the forest adjacent to Clementon. From here, Marich Tamang, Mahesh Kula Malla, and Naresh Jangmangal were captured. Of these, three kilograms of opium was recovered from Marich, two kilograms from Mahesh, and one kilogram from Naresh. During interrogation, the accused told that opium is found in Nepal at very low prices. Its high prices are available in and around Dehradun. In such a situation, they used to bring this poppy from Nepal and sell it here. The DIG said that there could be a huge gang of opium smugglers.

Mirzapur series 'Kaalin Bhaiya' like the way of working

Their leader is Marich Tamang. He smuggled opium from Nepal for a long time. Marich's wife was also involved in smuggling but is currently absconding. This work has become difficult due to the tightening of the border.

According to STF sources, after looking at the opium business in the web series Mirzapur in the year 2018, they also adopted the same character as the carpet brother. Marich and his friends brought a few bags of clothes from Nepal. They used to bring these clothes for sale. Poppy was also used to cross the Nepal border in India. The web series featured an opium business in the middle of the carpet.