Big news: Challans will not be deducted due to lack of documents, government issued new rules


The Modi government has implemented the new Motor Vehicle Act across the country. After which huge challans of people are being cut at different places of the country. On the one hand, while people are getting it right for security, on the other hand, there is a lot of anger among the people. At this time big news has come for the people. According to which, if there are no documents, your challan will not be deducted. This new decree has been issued by the government.

People have been complaining for some time. In which it is being said that even after keeping the RC, license, insurance and PUC of the vehicle in the DigiLocker or M Transport App, the traffic police is not accepting it as valid. And their challan is being cut. Due to which people are facing a lot of problems.

Now challan will not be deducted

In such a situation, understanding the problem of the people, the Union Road Transport Ministry has issued an advisory to all state governments and police of all states. According to which if a person shows the document RC, driving license, PUC and insurance in the mobile phone in the DigiLocker or M Transport app. So it should be considered valid and no invoice should be deducted. If the person does not have his phone, then, in this case, the challan should not be deducted. Rather, challan only by verifying the information on the e-challan app or m transport app in the phone with the police.

The challan will not be deducted if the vehicle does not have documents. For which this condition has been placed. According to which, if you are found to violate traffic rules, such as not wearing a helmet, not wearing a seat belt and jumping redlight, then your challan will be deducted.