Best Computer Classes in Jaipur


Best Computer Classes in Jaipur

In this digital era, computers play a vital role in our lives. Computer science is assessed and challenged by humans on a daily basis. From Scientists to Doctors, Students to Teachers, marketers to investors, every person is dependent on computers for his/her work. Computers have made our work and life easier. With acute precision and quality, computers save a lot of time if we do any work manually. This technological era urges individuals and organizations to be well-versed with modern technology. Whether in the corporate world or a small business, basic computer skills are essentially required for timely completion of the projects.

Here are the top 5 computer coaching institutes of Jaipur

1. Intuit Computer Classes

Best institute in Raja Park, Jaipur, to study digital marketing, web designing, web development, mobile app development and basic computer skills. They believe in the child's overall development and focus on every aspect related to infrastructure or quality teaching. If you want to boost your career and are willing to earn, look no further than Intuit Computer Classes.

Core Areas which Intuit Computer Classes focuses on:

Modern Technology

Well-furnished and well-equipped labs motivate students to carry out lab activities more effectively and efficiently. It stimulates students to apply their theoretical knowledge for practical results. A structured and designed lab will reduce chaos and provide students sufficient space to store their study material comfortably.

Industry trained faculties:

Quality teaching at Intuit Computer Classes involves several dimensions such as effective designing of course content and various learning contexts, including guided independent study, experimentation, project-based learning.

Learn and earn:

Young adults can upgrade their skills, obtain a diploma and start earning on their own. Learn the qualities an employer is searching for and techniques of how to be successful in the workplace at Intuit Computer Classes.


Infrastructure plays a vital role in the educational sector. Classroom interiors and laboratories are considered essential elements for learning properly and leave a major impact on students' outcomes. Intuit Computer Classes has proper lighting, proper seating facilities, toilets and infrastructure facilities.


The institution's locality has tremendous significance; therefore, the Intuit Computer Classes setup is in a suitable atmosphere and is distant from the disturbances and noises.

2. Techno Globe:

Technoglobe is an innovative and cost-effective world-class mainstay of Customize Application Development, Client Server, Mobile and Web-Based Solution & IT Training in (.NET, JAVA, PHP, Android, Networking, Embedded System, AutoCAD, Web Designing, and SEO, Testing etc.).

3. Dicazo Computer Institute

DICAZO institute incorporated as a computer institute since 2007. For the last seven years, they have produced many hardcore skilled professionals. Most of them are working with some of the most renowned companies, multimedia houses, e-learning companies, national dailies, & web design firms etc.

4. Grass Institute

Grass Solutions Pvt. Ltd is committed to helping its students to reach their goals and their training experiences by providing innovative surroundings and faculties.

5. Xtreem Heights

Founded by a core mission to identify the raw talent and chisel them to make the next-generation programmers and entrepreneurs, XtreemHeights is a Professional Training Institute in Jaipur and an initiative by Xtreem Solution - a leading IT company in Jaipur.