Bengal elections: BJP decided to Contest with Subhendu Adhikari from an old seat in front of Mamta Banerjee


In West Bengal, Nandigram, which has become the biggest reason for the end of the power of the Left parties, will again be the center of most discussion in the upcoming assembly elections. Actually, after the announcement of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to contest from Nandigram seat, BJP has also decided to field Shubhendu Adhikari from his old seat. Shubhendu, who was the architect of the Nandigram and Singur movement, recently joined the BJP leaving TMC.

Nandigram will be the hottest seat in Bengal elections

Apart from Singur, BJP is also planning to surround Mamta in the Bhawanipur seat. According to party sources, in Bhawanipur, the party is looking for a strong candidate against Mamta. The party's strategy is to field strong leaders against Mamata and surround them in her seat. The party wants to influence Mamata Banerjee's election campaign through this scheme.

Why only Shubendu Adhikari?

After Mamta's announcement of contesting from Nandigram, there was a lot of unease overtaking this seat in BJP. Actually, the party was earlier considering this seat completely safe for Shubhendu. The party's plan was to conduct an election campaign from Shubhendu in Midnapore and their areas of influence.

However, after the challenge of Mamta, now this seat will be hit with a thorn. After a long discussion, the BJP decided to field Shubhendu from this seat. Strategists say that Mamata would also get less time to the campaign if a thorn collided.

Nandigram shakes left fort

Nandigram was instrumental in demolishing the nearly three-decade-old fort of the Left Front in West Bengal about a decade ago. In 2007, more than a dozen people were killed in a protest against the Nandigram SEZ project.

Then TMC led by Shubhendu and Mamta launched a massive campaign against the Buddhadev government of the state. Four years after this, the Left Front government was given a farewell from the state. Now a decade later, the two craftsmen of this movement, Mamta Banerjee and Shubhendu Adhikari, will face each other. For this reason, Nandigram will once again appear in a pivotal role.