Before Rahul Gandhi's visit, Congress suffered a major setback in Puducherry, now this MLA resigns!


The V Narayanasamy government has suffered a major setback here before the visit of former national president Rahul Gandhi to Puducherry. MLA A John Kumar, who is considered close to Chief Minister V Narayanasamy before the assembly elections, has resigned today.

A. John Kumar is the fourth Congress MLA to resign from the Assembly before Rahul Gandhi's election tour in the state. According to the news, John Kumar, who was elected from the Kamaraj Nagar seat in the by-election held in 2019, has submitted his handwritten resignation to the Speaker of the Assembly VV Sivakolundhu.

Earlier, A Namasivayam, Malladi Krishna Rao, and E Thippainjan resigned from the legislative posts and gave a shock to the Congress.

Now the number of Congress members in the Legislative Assembly is reduced to only 10. While the power and opposition have 14 members in common. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi will begin campaigning for the Assembly elections in Puducherry from Wednesday.