Because of the fast-growing transition of Corona, the government changed its decision, issued new guidelines 


Coronavirus is currently wreaking havoc in the country. The number of people infected with this has reached more than two lakhs in India. At the same time, in the national capital Delhi, the number of corona patients is increasing rapidly.

In view of the rapidly increasing number of corona patients in Delhi, the government has now changed its decision. The Delhi government has changed its decision and issued new guidelines for the people coming to Delhi.

Under this, now domestic passengers coming from outside Delhi will have to remain quarantined for seven days. Even after the coronavirus is not found, they will have to stay in the home quarantine for so many days. The Delhi Government has given instructions to the authorities to comply with this rule.

Earlier, Delhi's Arvind Kejriwal government had imposed a 14-day quarantine rule for only those coming by rail, flight or bus, etc., who had any symptoms of the coronavirus.