Bappi lahiri gold price: Why does Bappi Lahari wear so much jewelery? Click here to know 


Famous Bollywood singer Bappi Lahiri is not an idiot. He is also known for wearing his songs as well as gold. He is always seen wearing many chains around the neck, gold rings, bracelets and more. From top to bottom, they are laden with gold. But have you ever wondered how much gold Bappi Lahiri has?

Singer had said in an interview, 'Elvis Presley used to wear gold chains in Hollywood and I loved him very much. At the same time, I thought that when I was successful, I would celebrate my different image and after that I started wearing so much gold. Gold is lucky for me. '

Bappi Da has more gold jewelery than his wife. He has movable and immovable assets worth about Rs 12 crore and owns five cars including BMW and Audi. Bappi Lahiri has 754 grams of gold and 4.62 kg of silver. He also has 4 lakh diamonds.

Talking about gold, gold rates are at Rs 46,470 per 10 grams in Mumbai bullion market. Gold rates in Delhi are Rs 49,530 per 10 grams.