Ban on buying and selling liquor in Himachal's this village, 1000 fine for violation


The women of Khurik village of Spiti Valley, a cold desert in Himachal Pradesh, have set a unique example. The Mahila Mandal here has passed a resolution banning the making, buying, and selling of native liquor in the village. If a villager violates this proposal, then a provision has been made to pay a fine of Rs 1000. Not only this, in this village with a population of 48 families, it was decided not to open any English liquor shops. Panchayat has also put prohibition boards. Apart from this, in families where there are two to three children, it has been made compulsory for one child to be admitted to a government school in the village so that government schools are not closed. The villagers are applauding this decision.

This step has been taken by the Mahila Mandal after the youth in the area got caught in the consumption of alcohol. The panchayat also supported the prohibition of selling and buying local liquor on behalf of Mahila Mandal and has appreciated this decision. Panchayat representatives say that women often earned some money by selling country liquor due to lack of employment. Now the Panchayat will help such women by giving them maximum employment in MNREGA. Kalajag, a former deputy head of the Panchayat, said that after the ban on buying and selling local liquor by the Mahila Mandal of the village, now the panchayat will give priority to women under MNREGA. Mahila Mandal Pradhan Dorje Dolma, Deputy Chairman Luang Dolkar, Member Tsering Lamo, said that the prevalence of local liquor in his village in the past had pushed the youth towards drug addiction. More than 70 percent of the youth of the village were addicted. Liquor contracts will also not be opened in the village. On the other hand, SDM Kaza Jeevan Negi said that this initiative of women is commendable. Steps taken for the drug de-addiction campaign will soon lead to better results.