Azamgarh aircraft crash: Konark Sharan, the trainee pilot from Haryana, had a 135-hour flight experience at the age of 21


Trainee pilot Konark Sharan of a chartered aircraft crashed in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh at around 11 am on Monday. He was a resident of Palwal district of Haryana. Indira Gandhi was training at the National Flight Academy in Fursatganj in Amethi district. Konark died on the spot due to an aircraft crash due to bad weather.

Konark Sharan, a 21-year-old trainee pilot:

Trainee pilot Konark Sharan flew TV-20 aircraft for solo training from Indira Gandhi National Flight Academy (IGRUA) at Fursatganj in Amethi district at around 10:20 am today. His plane crashed at around 11:20 minutes.

IGRUA's media in-charge Ram Kishore Dwivedi said that trainee pilot Konark Sharan died. Trainee pilots were 21 years old and had completed 125 hours of training at the institute. Konark Sharan was a resident of Palwal (Haryana). Konark's father was employed in Air India, now retired. Konark was the only brother among three sisters.

The crash caused small pieces of the aircraft, and debris spread to many farms. The pilot's body was found about 300 meters from the aircraft debris. Hearing the loud sound of the crash, local people and police reached the spot. SP Sudhir Singh also reached the spot and placed the body in the morchary.

A chartered plane crashed in Siwan between Kolpur Kushan and Manjirpatti in Saraimar police station area around 11 am in Azamgarh. After the information, the police of Saraimir police station as well as the surrounding police stations reached the spot. The aircraft was dropped between the paddy and reed fields at Kolpur Kushan. The body of the pilot was found near the village. Three hundred meters away from this, aircraft debris was found in the fields of Harendra, Mahendra, and Rajendra.

The police somehow controlled the crowd and exhumed the body. When the police contacted Varanasi airport, it was found that the plane had taken off from the Indira Gandhi National Flight Academy at Rae Bareli at nine in the morning. Varanasi was on the radar of the airport till 11 am, after which contact was cut.

When information was obtained from Indira Gandhi National Flight Academy, Rae Bareli, it was found that it is a two-seater chartered aircraft used for training. Konark Sharan (21) flew at 9.20 am.

SP Sudhir Kumar Singh said that it was a training aircraft. Had flown from Fursatganj in Rae Bareli, she had flown to Mau. Had to be back from here. Due to bad weather, collision crashed. The training pilot flew alone in the aircraft. The body has been sent for fronting. The academy has been informed. The team is coming from there.