Assembly Elections: Congress released a list of candidates for Bengal and Assam, these faces came in front


The Congress on Saturday night announced the candidates for the West Bengal and Assam assembly elections. For Bengal, Congress on Saturday night released a list of 13 candidates, while for Assam, it released a list of 40 candidates.

Before this, the BJP List of 57 candidates released for Bengal. While the ruling Trinamool Congress announced 291 candidates outright two days ago. The list was released by Mukul Wasnik, general secretary in-charge of the Congress Committee.

The Congress is contesting as an alliance with the Left parties and the IFS. She has got 92 seats out of a total of 294 seats, on which she will field her candidates. While the Left party will contest 165 seats and the Indian Secular Front 37 seats.

At the same time, Congress released a list of 40 candidates for Assam.