Army ready to deal with the severe cold on LAC, special warm clothes from America


The troops stationed along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh, amid tensions with China at the border, have been provided with clothes purchased from the US for use in the severe winter. So that in the winter months, the strength of the soldiers will be strengthened. SIG assault rifles have been provided to the soldiers with clothes. Military officials said that to overcome the challenges of extremely cold weather, we have given these special clothes and weapons to the soldiers.

According to sources, the army maintains storage of 60 thousand sets of clothes for soldiers deployed throughout Ladakh, including the Eastern Ladakh sector and the Western Front in Siachen. This year, 30 thousand sets were required because about 90 thousand soldiers have been deployed along the border in view of China's aggression.

Emergency procurement of these clothes worn in extremely cold weather will greatly help our army. India has deployed two additional divisions on LAC, called from the plains and hilly areas. They have been trained for many years in high altitude expeditions.

India is receiving several weapons from the US, including several assault rifles for special forces as well as Sigsaur assault rifles for infantry personnel. According to defense sources, it is not right to rely on China in the midst of tension on the LAC, so the preparations made by the Indian troops along the Ladakh border in the midst of a severe winter, are arranged to last until the next summer.

Soldiers will be equipped with Sig Sau rifles

Recently the Ministry of Defense had approved the second batch of 72,500 Sig Sauer assault rifles from the US. The first of these assault rifles have been given to soldiers deployed for counter-insurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, rifles of the second batch will be given to the soldiers deployed on the India-China border.