Apache Guardian, the world's most dangerous combat helicopter, is now inducted into the Indian Air Force


Apache, the world's deadliest helicopter, will join the Indian Air Force by 2020. Air Chief Marcel BS Dhanoa informed that the Apache helicopter should replace the outdated MI 35. 8 helicopters of Apache AH-64 E have been delivered to Indian Air Force.

Features of Apache Guardian Combat Helicopter

  • Apache, the world's most dangerous fighter helicopter, occupies the first place due to its specialities built by US Air Space Company Boeing.
  • Apache helicopter with two turbo soft engines and four blades
  • Able to fly at night with the help of sensors installed in it
  • Due to having two engines, its speed is very fast, it can fly at a speed of 280 km / h.
  • The Apache helicopter can fly 550 kilometres at a time. One can fly for a quarter to three hours at a time.
  • The Apache helicopter is equipped with 16 anti-tank AGM-114 Hellfire and Stringle missiles, the Hellfire missile can instantaneously fire the armoured vehicle and the tank. And the stringer missile is capable of eliminating any threat from the air.
  • There is also an Apache helicopter Hydra-70 missile that can destroy any target on the ground.
  • Apache helicopter can be loaded with 1200 tablets of 30 mm simultaneously.
  • Apache helicopters can simultaneously attack 128 targets within a minute.
  • The Apache helicopter does not easily fall into the enemy's radar grip due to its semi stealth technology and the ability to fly at low altitudes.
  • The Apache helicopter is equipped with state-of-the-art longbow radar.
  • The Apache helicopter is equipped with laser, infrared, and night vision. Due to which it can do all the work of enemies even in the dark.

History of apache chopper

The Apache helicopter is built by the American airspace company Boeing. Serving in the US Air Force since 1984. Today 15 countries including America are using this helicopter. The constant changes in the Apache helicopter have made it the most dangerous helicopter in the world. The US military used an Apache helicopter to kill Laden. And it has played an important role in the operation against the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is because of these characteristics of Apache helicopter that it has been called an aerial tank. In future, this helicopter will also be built in India under Make in India.