Amit Shah to take a big decision again? conducted 7-hour meeting at the home


Assembly elections are going to begin in Delhi. Elections will be held in Delhi on 8 February and all political parties have started preparing for this. The political parties are doing a lot of work to choose their nominees for these elections and fresh new promises are being made to the public to win the elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is doing its best to gain power in Delhi. Under this, a BJP meeting was held at the house of BJP National President and Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday to choose the names of BJP candidates, in which several leaders attended.

The meeting, which started around eight on Sunday night, lasted for seven hours. In this meeting, the names of several candidates have been decided on 45 seats out of 70 seats. But in the coming days, the names of other candidates will also be decided.

However BJP wants to name Delhi CM post this time, the name of the candidates is also being done very carefully. BJP President Amit Shah, also known as BJP's Chanakya, is taking a lot of thought. Planetary Minister Amit Shah has contributed immensely to lead the BJP to success.

He has taken many such decisions that have benefited the people of the country. Once again, Amit Shah will be seen playing a bet to bring his party to victory.

The decision and choice of the people in Delhi are that once again Kejriwal becomes the CM of Delhi and for his favorite candidate for the post of CM, 69% of people have named Kejriwal but what party government is formed in Delhi. So the time to come will decide.