Amazing 18-year-old cyclist from Nashik, reached Kanyakumari from Kashmir in eight days


Om Mahajan of Nashik, Maharashtra, will turn 18 next month, but he has already set a record for the fastest cycle journey in the country before he reaches the legal age of majority. Om set this record by riding a bicycle on Saturday afternoon, completing the 3600 km long journey from Srinagar in Kashmir to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu in just eight days, 7 hours, and 38 minutes.

After reaching Kanyakumari, Om said, "I was always cycling, but it was just for walking." After the lockdown began I started dreaming of cycling endurance and participating in Race Across America (RAAM). He said, about six months ago I started practicing qualifier rides for RAAM, which was to be held in November.

But instead of participating in the standard 600 km qualifier ride, Om set a target for himself, Race Across India. Om started his journey last week during a snowy night in Srinagar and arrived in Kanyakumari on Saturday, battling heavy rains in Madhya Pradesh and the scorching heat of the south. Om said, sleeping and even resting was extremely valuable in this journey. He said cycling in the cold was the most difficult part of the journey.

Om was supported by many experienced cyclists during this journey, including his father and uncle. In addition, Kabir Raichur, the lone finisher of RAAM, also encouraged Om by riding in a vehicle as a support team. Om also said that the biggest credit for his success goes to the crew team. He said this is a joint record for all of us.

Corona became a record

Om's record has also contributed to the coronavirus epidemic, due to which he could not go to Kansas in America. Om is pursuing a Bachelor of Sports Management in Kansas. Due to the epidemic, Om also got time to complete his training. Om has set for himself the next goal of RAAM, which is said to be the toughest bicycle race on earth. Om will have to travel 4800 km within 12 days to successfully finish RAAM. Om's father Hitendra and uncle Mahendra had won in 2015 as a two-man team winning the RAAM. They also hold the record for the fastest cycle journey with the Golden Quadrilateral named after them.

Broke his uncle's Guinness record

In the Guinness Book Record, the previous record for the fastest cycle journey from Srinagar to Kanyakumari was in the name of Om's uncle Mahendra Mahajan. However, Om's uncle's record was recently broken by Lieutenant Colonel Bharat Pannu of the Indian Army, completing this distance in eight days and 9 hours. But Colonel Pannu's record has not yet been included in the Guinness Book. In such a situation, Om has broken his own uncle's record. As soon as news of Om's achievement spread on the social media community on Saturday, Colonel Pannu immediately congratulated this 17-year-old boy.