Alwar: Seven people gang-raped the girl at three places


A case of shame to humanity has come to light from the Alwar district of Rajasthan. According to reports, a 19-year-old girl was kidnapped and gang-raped at different places by seven people in a village under the MIA police station area of ​​Alwar.

After giving an idea of ​​this heinous act, the accused fled by throwing the girl on the roadside in a state of unconsciousness. Police have registered a case in this regard. The brother of the gang-rape victim had lodged a case in this regard at the MIA police station in Alwar on July 5. The brother told the police that on the night of July 4 at around 11.30, his sister had gone outside the house to tie the cow. Three youths (Tahir, Saddam, and Sajid) were drinking alcohol.

During this, these three youths closed the mouth of the sister and took her to Tahir's house. Thereafter, the trio raped her in turn. After this, the accused took his sister to Sankhla village in Bolero. There Tahir's friends Wasim and Parvez raped the sister. Later the accused took the sister to Diwakari village.

Here, Chatar potter, Arbaan Khan carried out the abominable act with his sister. After carrying out these heinous acts, the accused escaped by throwing his sister near the Bahala brick kiln.