Allegations of Tejashwi, leader of Grand Alliance, NDA won the election with deceit


Tejashwi Yadav, leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal, was elected the leader of the opposition party Mahagathbandhan Dal of Bihar Legislative Assembly on Thursday. Tejashwi accused the NDA of winning the Assembly elections with deceit.

Tejashwi Yadav, while making fun of Nitish Kumar at the press conference, said, "JDU, CM's party is at the third position." It is surprising how even after this situation, he is thinking of sitting in the CM's chair. How can one be so eager for power by pressing his inner voice?

Tejashwi recalled that in the past when in 2017, when our name came up in a money laundering case, Nitish Kumar resigned from the Grand Alliance and returned to the NDA citing hearing of Atma's voice. Today, when his party is in third place in terms of seats, is the voice of his soul now doing nothing.

Tejashwi alleged that the public had changed its support base on this but some people reshuffled the election and won it with deceit. Tejaswi's gesture was towards NDA. The NDA has gained power through money, force, and deceit.

On the question of alliances for coming to power, Tejashwi said, the people themselves will also decide. We will go to him only if we get approval from there, math will be done to get the majority number. If you look at the Election Commission figures, the NDA got only 12,270 votes more than the Grand Alliance. Tejashwi asked, how can he win 15 more seats with these votes?

Had it been counted, we would have got 130 seats

Tejashwi said, "If there was a legally correct count, the grand alliance would have got 130 seats." Just 110 seats have been received, which is 12 less than the magic figure of 122. The NDA has won 125 seats. Tejashwi said that we will write a letter to the Election Commission for this.

The postal ballot was counted later in many places

Tejashwi alleged that in many places the postal ballot was counted last, contrary to the rules. It was a conspiracy to do so. In fact, the soldiers had heavily supported his party to support them in One Rank One Pension. But his votes were later counted. About 900 postal ballots were declared illegal from many seats. Tejashwi said that he demands a double count of the postal ballot.

Mahagathbandhan lost due to weak performance of Congress: Tariq Anwar

Congress General Secretary Tariq Anwar said on Thursday that his party's poor performance in the Bihar Assembly elections led to the victory of the Grand Alliance. Anwar said Owaisi's party MIM's entry into Bihar is not a good sign.

Tariq Anwar said, "If our party had also performed like RJD, the victory of the Grand Alliance was certain." The people of Bihar also wanted this and had made up their minds to change, but our performance weakened.

Anwar said, "We will review this defeat, after discussing with the top leadership, election candidates and District Congress Committees in Bihar, its results will be sent to the high command." Congress leader PL Punia also praised RJD's performance. Supporting Tariq's statement, Punia said, Congress needs to review.