Agra News: Shivaji came to Agra in 1966? Incorrect information on the official stone plate


Shivaji Maharaj came to Agra in 1666 but wrong information is recorded on the official inscription that he visited in 1966. Not only this, but Shilapatta also mentions that he was kept under house arrest in Agra Fort, while historians say that he was kept in Fidai Hussain's mansion, not in the fort. This shilapatta is located on the backside of the statue of Shivaji, located right in front of the Agra Fort. Due to this, tourists are getting the wrong information.

Historian Raj Kishore Raje said that both the date and the information on Shilapatta are incorrect. The correct information is that Shivaji Maharaj reached Agra on 11 May 1666 with his entourage. On 12 May 1666, he was placed under house arrest under the supervision of Siddhi Faulad Khan. On 16 May, he was ordered to be taken to Radandaj Khan's house. Fidai was then placed in Hussein's mansion, which was located on the mound outside the city. This place is today known as Kothi Meena Bazaar. Historian Sugam Anand also said that Shivaji was imprisoned in Fidai Hussain's mansion and not in Agra Fort.

Where Shivaji was under house arrest, the British built the Governor's House

Raj Kumar Raje said that in a research it was concluded that the British took possession of the house on the mound of Fidai Hussain's mansion i.e. Kothi Meena Bazaar. The old shabby house was demolished and a new Kothi was built in 1837, called the Governor's House. At the time of Jung-e-Azadi in 1857, the Governor's residence was converted into a military cantonment. The Governor resided in the Kothi which houses the Mandalayukta residence today. Kothi Meena Bazaar was auctioned. It was bought by King Jaikishan Das.

ASI has admitted its mistake

ASI underwent conservation in 2002 near the Water Gate at Agra Fort. About 45 lakh rupees were spent on this. It was said that this is the place where Shivaji was imprisoned. Rajkishore Raje said that he had lodged an objection to this. After this, the ASI, while correcting the mistake, had agreed that Shivaji should not be imprisoned in Agra Fort.

The statue was unveiled in 2001

The statue of Shivaji Maharaj was unveiled in 2001. Along with this, he had put the Shilapatta. The unveiling was done by the then Home Minister LK Advani.