After the demonetisation, now the Modi government's watch is on the gold!  


After demonetisation, the government is now eyeing those who buy gold from black money. According to the news of English channel CNBC-Awaaz, the government can bring a special scheme to buy gold, which will be on the lines of the Amnesty scheme.

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According to the information, under this scheme, if there is no gold with more than a specified quantity, then the information will have to be given and the price of the gold will have to be reported to the government.

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According to the reports quoting sources, a certificate will have to be obtained from the valuation centre to fix the price of gold under this amnesty scheme. A certain amount of tax will have to be paid on the amount of gold without a receipt. This scheme will be opened for a specific time frame only.

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After the scheme is over, if the gold is found more than the prescribed quantity, a heavy penalty will be paid. Special announcements may be made to use the gold lying with the temple and trust as a productive investment.