After Anakonda, Sheshnag, now Vasuki Nag ran on railway tracks


Railways have established another record by running Vasuki, the longest train in the country. This train is three and a half kilometers long and is pulling five engines. It has been connected to electronic signals to coordinate the five engines so that 295 coaches can be run on track by creating better connectivity.

Railways on one hand have contracted to manufacture 44 train sets with the fastest running Vande Bharat train set in the country and on the other hand, it has set a record by driving the longest freight train named Vasuki Nag. Before this, the longest train in India was named Sheshnag, it was run by connecting four trains. Before this, the Anaconda train was run by adding three trains. Now moving forward, the railway is running a train in the name of Vasuki Nag. The train ran from Bhilai of the Raipur Railway Division to the Korba of the Bilaspur Railway Division.

The train runs to deliver empty cartons

Such a train has been run to transport empty freight coaches from one place to another. Which is a unique record in itself. It is noteworthy that a separate track for the goods train, which has been named as Dedicated Freight Corridor, also claims that it will run a train of one and a half kilometers. While going ahead, the railway has created history by running a three and a half kilometer long train.

In this way long freight trains are being operated to reduce the operating time of freight trains, saving staff and providing quick delivery to consumers.