According to the new rules, will the government record all the phone calls of common people? Click here to know


These days, a message is going viral on WhatsApp, claiming that the new communication rules are going to be implemented by the central government, under the rules in which the government is now going to record social media and phone calls. But the government has called this message fake.

PIB said that the message has been dubbed as fake. No such rule has been implemented by the Government of India. In such a situation, everyone is advised not to forward any such message.

Which message is going viral?

In this message, it is being said that new communication rules will apply for WhatsApp and phone calls? All calls will be recorded. All call recordings will be saved by the government. The government will also keep an eye on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and all social media. Your equipment will be connected to the ministry system so do not send the wrong message to anyone. You should tell your children, brothers, relatives, friends, etc. that you should not share such posts.

Not to share the post related to PM, it has been said in the message that 'Do not share any post or video related to the government or the Prime Minister on politics or the current situation. In the present times, it is a crime to forward any message on any political or religious issue and action will also be taken against it. Therefore, do not share such messages.