Abhishek Bachchan told Aishwarya I love you, then ...


Abhishek Bachchan's web series Breath 2 has been released and now the feedback from the audience has also started coming. While some people have described this web series on average, many people have also given it positive feedback. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has called her husband and actor Abhishek Bachchan good luck on the release of her first web series 'Breath: Into the Shadows'.

He has given his support to the show by sharing many series posters and pictures of other artists on social media. He called Goodluck to the entire cast to be a hit of the show. Abhishek Bachchan has also reacted to this post of Aishwarya. Aishwarya shared the poster and wrote, 'Shine on baby! Breath. Along with this, he has shared heart and sparkle emojis.

Abhishek Bachchan commented on this good luck post by Aishwarya. He wrote, 'Love you, thank you.' Abhishek Bachchan has debuted on the digital platform with this show. Abhishek plays Avinash Sabarwal in the series. His wife is Aura. Siya is the daughter of this couple. Both of them love Siya a lot.

But meanwhile, Siya disappears somewhere. After a while, Anwash learns that his daughter Kidnap is gone. Kidnapper wants Avinash to kill some people for him. There are a total of 12 episodes of this series. Each episode is of 40 to 60 seconds.