A viral photo changed the fate of a 79-year-old elderly, sales of medicinal plants doubled


How the fate of people changes after becoming viral on social media, it is seen from this incident in Bangalore. Today, sales have doubled after a picture of 79-year-old Revanna Sidappa selling five medicinal plants on the day went viral on the street.

Revanna Siddappa used to sell plants on the road. When the picture of Sidappa sitting on the street and selling plants went viral, some residents provided him with a table, chair, and umbrella. Siddappa said, I am 79 years old and I used to sell medicinal plants on the roadside on Kanakapura Road. Someone saw me and took a picture and made it viral everywhere.

He said I got a lot of help from people after that. I was given a table, chair, and an umbrella to keep the plants. Earlier I used to sell about five plants but now this number has doubled.

Siddappa further stated that he sells the medicinal plant at a cost of Rs 20-30. He said I have been selling plants for the last three years. I do not want to take loan money from anyone. I will earn on my own. He said that it is good when taking a loan, but repaying it is a big task.

Earlier, 80-year-old Baba Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi, who ran their small dhaba on the roadside pavement in Malviya Nagar, Delhi, became famous overnight. In fact, after the lockdown, the elderly couple were not able to withdraw even a penny from their dhabas.

When a food blogger noticed 'Baba Ka Dhaba', he made a video of Baba's Dhaba and put it on social media. In the video, Baba is seen crying. The blogger appealed to the people, he must come once to eat food at Baba's Dhaba. What was it then Baba became famous overnight.