A dozen Congress leaders in UP want to leave 'hands' and run 'bicycles'


Congress's troubles in Uttar Pradesh are going to increase in the coming months. More than a dozen senior party leaders are exploring their future in the Samajwadi Party. These leaders are feeling isolated in the new system of party organization. They are assuming that at present, even in 2022, Congress does not appear to give a direct fight to the BJP.

Sources say that the Samajwadi Party will contest this time without a coalition election. It looks at the traditional seats and leaders of the Congress where the BJP has not been able to make inroads. These are the seats where electoral polarization so far takes place on the personal stamina rather than the influence of political parties. Such strong leaders of Congress who have a better support base in their area are in touch with SP.

Recently a leader from the Congress to the SP is helping him in this. A senior state leader says that politics is no longer life-saving in a single party. He says that in the last assembly elections, the party formed an alliance at the last moment, which caused the most damage to the Congress.

The seats were reduced more than before. At present, the party is still looking for land in the entire state. Even if you get a ticket, the atmosphere is not in favor of Congress at the moment. There is a possibility of formation of the government by going to SP or there will be strong opposition role.