A complaint filed in Pune against Congress president Rahul Gandhi, called Veer Savarkar 'coward' in a Rally


New Delhi: A complaint has been lodged against Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Maharashtra of Pune. According to the complaint lodged, he has hurt the sentiments of the people by saying that freedom fighter Veer Savarkar was a 'coward'. Let us tell you that Rahul Gandhi gave this statement while addressing a rally of Congress recently held in New Delhi. According to the complaint, Gandhi had used the word ‘Kayar’ (coward) for Veer Savarkar in his speech, not only did he use too many wrong words about him.

His statement has hurt the sentiments of some people including Savarkar's family members. Let us tell you that such complaint has not been filed against Rahul Gandhi for the first time. In November last year, Rahul Gandhi said about Savarkar that after being sent to Cellular Jail in Andaman in 1911, he pleaded with the British to secure his independence.

Savarkar's family suffered a lot due to his statement, after which they had filed a case against him for giving false and disputed statements against the Congress president. Let us tell you that Veer Savarkar was a pro-Hindu leader and a freedom fighter.

This case has been registered in Pune Shivaji Park police station by Ranjit Savarkar, the great saint of Veer Savarkar.