60 youths wearing police uniforms in tractor parade had to make a ruckus, caught one, many revelations


Farmer organizations have claimed to have disclosed conspiracy to kill and chant the farmers in the tractor parade on Outer Ring Road in Delhi on Republic Day. The United Farmers Front introduced a masked young man from Uttarakhand living in Sonepat at a press conference on the horoscope border late Friday. Also claimed that 60 youth wearing police uniforms had to go on a rampage and four people were killed in the tractor parade. At the same time, there was a plan to make the tricolor fall down and create a big uproar. On the other hand, in this case, the police say that something can be said only after questioning the masked youth.

Farmer leaders Balbir Singh Rajewal, Rakesh Tikait, Harendra Singh Lakhowal told the press conference that on Friday evening, the youth at the turn of the road in Kundli Industrial Area told the farmers that girls were being molested here. The farmers gathered there and asked which girl was molested. The young man could not reply to this. When in doubt, he was caught. On being asked, the young man said that he is originally a resident of Uttarakhand and has lived in Sonepat for 18 years. He was sent to the protest site saying that he had to pay 10 thousand rupees. Along with him, eight youths and two young girls named Pooja and Sunita have also been doing Reiki here since 19 January.

The young man said that he is given instructions through landline phones. Also, a young man named Pradeep Singh calls himself SHO of Rai police station in uniform and meets him in the horoscope. They had to get 10-10 thousand rupees and they had to tell whether the farmers had weapons or not. That's why he talked about molesting the girl so that the farmers could bring weapons. The captured youth told that his work was still to perform Reiki. 60 youth are to come here before the tractor parade. All will be in police uniform with weapons. He is reported to have given the weapon to a restaurant in Kundli from 23-26 January. He had to perform aerial firing first with lathicharge in the farmers' parade. The farmers refused to make the young man's name public because his family could be in danger of life.

Sumit of Sonepat had met Pradeep

According to the young man caught from the dharna, he was introduced to Pradeep many years ago by Sumit, living at Geeta Bhawan Chowk in Sonepat. He has since been working for them. He told that for this, he was also trained twice how to work, but training was given to the youth in different groups. They were told that they are our enemies living in Punjab and they want to go to Delhi in a big way. It was also said that this movement is also wrong and Congresspeople are involved in it. The young man told that the youths of Rathdhana village were to be called for firing.

The young man claimed in the press conference that there was to be a farmer mahapanchayat in Karnal to support the agricultural laws. The farmers there had opposed CM Manohar Lal's rally. Before that rally, the protesting farmers were lathi-charged by outside youth wearing similar police uniforms. At the same time, during the Jat reservation movement, there was a similar uproar. In this, he has mentioned the names of Sumit and Pradeep that Sumit had introduced to him and Pradeep makes this happen.

I do not know who it is. There is no Pradeep in Rai police station. In this way, one can meet anyone's name. - Vivek Malik, SHO Rai Police Station.

This matter has come to my knowledge and will be thoroughly investigated. It is only after questioning the young man that the entire situation will be clear what the matter is. Police will interrogate the young man and gather complete information. - Jashnadeep Singh Randhawa, SP.