2 more flights to be operated from Jaipur! Click here to know the details


Two more flights for air passengers from Jaipur airport have been added to its program. Now, Jaipur Airport has 32 flights on its list of which 28 operate flights. An additional flight to Hyderabad and a flight to Bangalore has started from Thursday.

On Sunday, a senior official said that more passengers have started coming for flights to various destinations for Agra and Lucknow. Now we are handling 5,500 to 7,000 passengers daily and two new flights will increase the number of our passengers. We are following every COVID-19 SOP.

Senior officials of Jaipur airport said that since May 26 when domestic flights started operating, the number of passengers going to Mumbai and Delhi has been steadily increasing.

Officials said the number of flights will increase further by October in the first week. “Before the COVID-19 outbreak, we were handling 55 to 60 flights per day. We are hoping that with the increase in passenger load in the coming months, everything will be back to normal. "

Jaipur Airport is operating flights to cities including Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Amritsar and other cities. Senior officials at Jaipur airport further said that relaxation of quarantine norms by various states is the major reason for this.

“Earlier, different states had different standards and people feared quarantine. Now, within domestic travel, quarantine is not required for those with no serious illness or symptoms.