2,220 crore loss due to farmers' Demonstration in Punjab: Railways


Opposition to new agricultural laws has not stopped in Punjab. In many places in the state, farmers have camped on the railway tracks. The movement of goods trains as well as passenger trains has been affected due to protests in various places. Due to this, Railways are losing crores of rupees every day.

Railways said it has incurred a loss of Rs 2,220 crore so far. Of this, 67 crore passenger trains have been run. Protests have been taking place in Punjab since September 24 against the new agricultural laws. This has affected the operations of 3850 goods trains. So far, 2352 passenger trains had to be canceled or diverted their routes.

An official said that the railway has incurred a total loss of Rs 2220 crore so far. Of this, 67 crore rupees have been due to the cancellation of passenger trains. While Northern Railways is incurring a loss of 14.85 crores every day.

The agitating farmers say that we will only allow goods trains to run on the Punjab route. However, the Railways has rejected this proposal of farmers outright. The supply of essential goods in Punjab has been affected due to the lack of passenger and goods trains. The recent meeting between the farmer leaders and the Center was also inconclusive.

At the same time, the Punjab government is accusing the Center of discrimination. In this regard, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh demonstrated at Jantar Mantar in Delhi recently.