Why Annu Kapoor married the same wife twice? Click here to know


Actor Annu Kapoor, who has worked in films as well as TV shows, is one of those stars whom everyone likes because of his acting. Let us tell you that their love story has been very interesting, as is his married life which has had many ups and downs.

Annu Kapoor had married Anupama Patel in the year 1992, but their relationship did not last long and in the very next ie 1993, both of them decided to separate after getting divorced. Anupama was a resident of America. After separating, she returned to America.

So at the same time, Annu Kapoor was completely busy with his films and other things, after which Annu met Arunita Mukherjee after some time. The two met on the set of the TV show 'Antakshari', during this time both of them became friends and both of them fell in love, after which both of them decided to marry each other in 1995.

After a few years of marriage, in 2001, Arunita gave birth to a lovely daughter Aaradhita, but during this time Annu Kapoor once again came in contact with her first wife Anupama.

Annu and Anupama started talking so much again that both of them fell in love with each other, both used to meet each other secretly. After some time, Annu's second wife Arunita started doubting him, and soon the whole truth was in front of her.

After the truth came to the fore, Arunita decided to separate from Annu Kapoor, and in the year 2005, both of them separated, after which three years later, in 2008, Annu married his first wife Anupama, after which Anupama and Annu had 3 Sons Ivan, Mahir and Kavan.