When Rakhi Sawant was beaten in the ring, she said - Tanushree Dutta has made this conspiracy to get me killed


Whenever Rakhi Sawant is discussed, the matter of her getting beaten up in a wrestling ring comes to the fore. During the lockdown, when everyone's old stories are coming out, in such a situation, once again the story, as you know that whole incident when Rakhi Sawant was picked up in the ring by a female Wrestler and badly banged.

But after this incident, Rakhi Sawant said through her Instagram post that you will be surprised. Rakhi described this case as a conspiracy by Tanushree Dutta.

Rakhi shared a video. In this video, Rakhi says, I had come to dance. But that wrestler got mad. I am not a wrestler. She has done all this at the behest of Tanushree Dutta.

Rakhi accused Tanushree Dutta, she does not want me to dance. She has given money to Wrestler to do this work. Let us tell you that Rakhi was injured to a hospital in Zirakpur, Chandigarh after being injured. She was discharged later.

Then Rakhi, who was hospitalized, had told in an interview to a news channel in Haryana that she would not leave Tanushree now. Rakhi went to Panchkula for a wrestling match. Here Rakhi came in the ring when Wrestler challenged after the fight. Rakhi was watching the wrestler while dancing. On this, Wrestler became angry and thrown Rakhi.