When Hema Malini was the reason for spoiling Shahrukh Khan and Gauri's 'Wedding Night'


In this way, Shahrukh left Gauri alone in the makeup room soon after the wedding. The reason was Hema Malini. Learn the whole thing

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The most beautiful day of anyone's life is their wedding. Be it the common man or Bollywood celebrities. The wedding day is the most beautiful day in everyone's life and everyone sees many dreams related to this day. Everyone makes new experiments to make their wedding memorable. However, there are some people who, despite wishing, are unable to relate good memories with their marriage. A similar marriage took place between Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri, the emperors of Bollywood.

Shahrukh Khan and his wife share a lot of interesting things related to Gauri's wedding. But the saddest part of them is that Shah Rukh and Gauri could not make their 'Wedding Night' as every new bride and groom want. Sadly, the reason for spoiling Shahrukh and Gauri's 'Wedding Night' was none other than Hema Malini, Bollywood's dream girl.

Everyone knows how much he worked hard to be made by Shah Rukh Khan to marry Gauri. Gauri's family Hargis was not ready to marry Shahrukh Khan, but Shahrukh assured Gauri's family that he would take care of Gauri more than his own life. Shahrukh has played this thing perfectly. However, Shah Rukh had to return to Mumbai soon after his marriage after changing his 6-year relationship into a relationship in 1991 and marrying Gauri in Delhi.

The shooting of his film 'Dil Aashiyana Hai' was going on in Mumbai. When Shah Rukh reached Mumbai from Delhi, promising to meet Gauri with Hema Malini, he reached the set straight from the airport. At that time, Hema Malini was not on the set and Shah Rukh was told that she would be coming shortly. Thinking of this, Shahrukh put Gauri in his makeup room. The shooting started at 11 pm and ended at 2 pm. However, Hema Malini did not come.

When Shah Rukh Khan returned to his makeup room, he saw that his new bride, Dulhan Gauri, wearing a heavy bridal sari and jewelry, fell asleep sitting on an iron chair. There were also mosquitoes in the room which were troubling Gauri while she was sleeping. Shahrukh was very sad to see this and started crying. Renuka Shahane said this about Shahrukh Khan, this incident happened during the shooting of 'Circus'

Significantly, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri have three children Aryan, Suhana, and Abram. Shah Rukh owns a large bungalow vowel in a posh area of ​​Mumbai owned by Gauri Khan.

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