When Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar had to go to jail! Click here to know about the incident!


Bollywood's acting emperor Dilip Kumar is no more with us. He died on Wednesday due to prolonged illness. Today we are going to give you such information about Dilip Kumar, which you hardly know about. Bollywood's veteran actor Dilip Kumar had to go to jail at one time for giving a speech against the British.

This incident was mentioned by Dilip Kumar in his autobiography The Substance and the Shadow. It was a matter of time when Dilip Kumar had to work as a manager in the Military Contractors Club in Pune due to the poor financial condition of the family.

During this, Dilip Kumar gave a speech in praise of India at the behest of a senior colleague. In this, Dilip Kumar had described India as a country of hardworking, true, and non-violent people. After this, some police officers caught him and took him to Yerwada Jail. In his book, he told that he was arrested for thinking against the British government.