Virat Kohli was nervous after seeing Anushka in the first meeting, something that happened during the shooting


The relationship between cricket and cinema has been very old. Many famous cricketers have given their hearts to Bollywood celebrities and married them. One such pair is of cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma, whom people also call 'Virushka'. Anushka is in the news these days due to her pregnancy. But do you know that Virat Kohli, who always looks confident on the cricket field, was very nervous during his first meeting with Anushka?

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma first met during the shooting of an advertisement. Then both were shooting for a shampoo advertisement. Prior to this, Virat had not worked with any actress. He was very nervous in front of Anushka on the set.

In an interview, Virat said, 'I met Anushka for the first time shooting a shampoo advertisement. This shooting lasted for three days. My manager told me that you have to do this advertisement with Anushka. I was very nervous to hear this. I said that she is a professional actress. How will I be able to act with them? My manager explained to me that everything would be fine, the script is fun. But I was still very nervous. '

Virat had told that Anushka was wearing a heel during the shoot and because of this, she looked much taller. At this point, Virat cracked a joke there. Virat said that Anushka felt strange on hearing this and due to this he became even more nervous.

During the shooting of this advertisement, Virat and Anushka became friends and then the two started to meet. For some time the two dated each other and then got married in Italy in 2017.