Video Viral: when husband ignored Rakhi Sawant, she cries bitterly


Rakhi Sawant is reportedly married recently. Although Rakhi herself came out after marriage no one has seen her husband till date. Rakhi has always been speaking on her husband's question that he is shy and does not want to come in front of the media. Now Rakhi Sawant has posted her crying video, telling her heart at a distance from her husband.

This video of Rakhi Sawant is becoming very viral on social media, in which Rakhi is crying bitterly. Tears are also coming out of the eyes. However, users are also raising questions that this is Rakhi's new gimmick.

Rakhi is crying, saying that I will do whatever you speak, I will listen to you, but do not ignore us, man. I can not live. You do not have any pity on me, do you? I love you very much Well Rakhi Sawant has been sharing such videos since the first day of marriage. His fans are not even sure about his marriage. In a video, she is saying who said that there is no problem in my life. I have just learned to laugh at my condition.

This video of Rakhi is viral on all social platforms. Rakhi Sawant was in a tremendous discussion about her marriage since last month. Rakhi married on July 28 at a Mumbai hotel. Only 4-5 people from both families were present in the marriage. Rakhi Sawant had revealed that my husband Ritesh works with American President Donald Trump. Ritesh is an important part of Donald Trump's team.