Vibha Bhagat, the actress of Sasural Simar Ka, remembers the days of struggles, told that food could be arranged only once a day


Vibha Bhagat, the famous actress on the small screen, is in the news these days because of her special disclosure about her life. Vibha Bhagat, who is appearing in the TV serial Sasural Simar Ka 2, has told that his life has been full of struggle over the last two years. Although he got a lot of work in the television film industry, his condition was such that for two years, he did not even dare to arrange properly.

Vibha Bhagat himself has disclosed this matter. He recently spoke to the English website Times of India. During this, Vibha Bhagat talked a lot about the struggle beside his personal life. The actress has said about her difficult times that there was a time when she was able to make arrangements to eat only once a day. Sometimes they had to live by eating fruit or a packet of biscuits. Vibha Bhagat said that the actors do not speak about these things because they have chosen such a life.

Vibha Bhagat said, 'I started my career in the entertainment world with stand-up comedy and theater. Then when I got a chance in regional television, I redeemed it because I was too eager to be able to show my talent. Then when I got offers from national channels and I had to struggle a lot to make a place for myself. '

Vibha Bhagat further said, 'The last two years have been the most difficult for me personally and professionally. I lost my father and I could not find work. Due to this, not only was I financially broken, but I was also emotionally shattered. There came a time when I could arrange only one meal a day, or a packet of fruit or biscuits. But we actors never talk about these kinds of things because we have chosen this kind of life. But finally, two years later, Simar's in-laws were born. '

The actress added, 'Those two years taught me what I want from my life. I focused on myself by self-grooming and giving myself time. I have polycystic ovary syndrome and thyroid, so I made sure to be normal on every level. For this, I did a three-hour workout every day at home, and thus helped me get my lost spark back! '

Vibha Bhagat said in the last, 'I did petting, meditating and started cooking, everything that made me feel good about myself and my existence. I cannot ignore the fact that I used to have anxiety attacks, but somehow I got over it all. My friends play a huge role in motivating me because it is a long period and anyone can break through hard times like this. '