TV's 'Gangubai' reduced 22 kg in lockdown, the comedian revealed her fitness secrets


Saloni Daini, who plays Gangubai in 'Comedy Circus', has created a special place in the hearts of the audience these days. At a young age, Saloni Daini had done that, which is not the case of every one. Saloni is known for her perfect timing in comedy. But she has been away from the screen for a long time and now she has grown up now. Yes, Saloni, who was seen on screen at the age of just three, has now turned 19. Recently, she spoke openly about fitness and body shaming. She told what kind of comments people used to make due to weight gain.

Reduced weight in lockdown

Saloni recently told the Times of India that many things get stuffed after coming to the limelight. The comedian reported that she lost 22 kg in the lockdown. During this, she also spoke openly about body shaming. Saloni told that 'As she was growing up, her weight kept increasing. Because of this, she had to face body shaming several times. People used to make dirty comments on them like 'buffalo is looking', 'how fat she is', and ‘how much does she eat'.

Saloni further said- 'She used to laugh a lot when she read such comments with her friends, but sometimes it was bad to read such comments. In such a situation, I felt that one should come out of all this. So I lost my 22 kg weight during lockdown '.

This work was done to stay fit

Saloni has shared several pictures on Instagram after her weight loss. In which his tremendous transformation is being seen. Please tell that Saloni's weight was 80 kg earlier, but now it is 58 kg. Saloni said that she has lost weight through a strict diet and regular workouts. In the interview, Saloni said that she had decided to fit herself and not at the behest of anyone else. She said that the credit of my fitness goes to lockdown only and only because I could not go out during this period, due to which I was able to stay away from junk food. Let us know that after seeing his transformation, the fans are praising him a lot.

Saloni Daini's career

Saloni Daini, who started her career as a standup comedian at a young age, is also an actress. Apart from Hindi, he has also worked in several Marathi film and TV serials. She has appeared on television shows like 'Samples', 'Yeh Jadoo Hai Jinn Ka'. Apart from this, Saloni has also appeared in Anil Kapoor's film No Problem.

She told in her interview that as of now, she has not given any thought to the future. But in this area, she wants to be behind the camera or in front of the camera. Apart from this, she wants to know what happens behind the camera. Saloni is currently completing her graduation. Apart from this, she has also confirmed to one of the news channel me that she is not going to leave this field. Talking about fan following, 155k people follow them on Instagram.