To what extent can 'Haseen Dilruba' go mad in love, Taapsee Pannu told


Taapsee Pannu starrer 'Haseen Dilruba' was released today on Netflix. Some time back, Taapsee has returned home after spending a vacation in Russia. Excerpts from a conversation with him about the film, holidays, and his outspoken statements on internet media:

Question: You have returned home after a vacation in Russia. You wore a lot of saris on that trip, which caught people's attention...

Answer: I love wearing saris. I have many cotton and muslin sarees. I like to wear saris with a slight twist, like with a t-shirt or with a crop top and sneakers. I wore saris abroad, so people must have noticed. I wore saris in 'Haseen Dilruba'. Saree is an attractive dress.

Question: This is your first film, which is releasing on OTT. Will there be no box office pressure?

Answer: Yes, this is my first experience with the digital platform. I worry about the box office, but it is not there this time. Sometimes films pick up slowly, so there is confusion about the collection. This time I am relaxed.

Question: You were not the first choice for this film. What do you think about the film when it comes to you through other actresses?

Answer: For those who have this film, I may not be the first choice for this film, but I am mind-blowing in myself. Often the makers do not think to cast me in such a character. There was a bit of a sensuous character. The only thing that was fun for me was that I was getting to see the side of myself which I did not know that I could do. The film talks about a gentle girl, who knows how to do household chores and cook.

Question: What is the definition of a good girl for you?

Answer: I consider myself very intelligent, even if others do not like it. What is good for you may be bad for someone else. The same is the case with the word Sushil. My character Rani in the film may not know how to cook, but she is perfect in other tasks. In such a situation, she considers herself to be intelligent. Others may not like it.

Question: Madness in love is shown in the film. How madly in love can you be in real life?

Answer: We have read most of the news about madness wale love. There is so much to do in real life. Love is no longer a priority. In love, I can't be so mad as to harm myself for someone else.

Question: How important is it to maintain decorum while speaking out on internet media?

Answer: I am from Delhi. Doesn't hold back in saying things openly, but upbringing matters. In what we are, education and writing, the education of our family members contribute. I have been taught how to behave in what situations. The second important thing is that the artist's image is very big in our country. Fans see the star as a role model. It is up to you to live up to their expectations.