THROWBACK: Karan Johar himself revealed about his relationship in his book!


Karan Johar is counted among the biggest directors of Bollywood. Karan Johar is also in the news due to his films as well as his personal life. Karan has made many revelations related to his life in his autobiography Unsettable Boy.

Karan has even said that I am afraid to go out with a boy too because people do not know what relationship I have with him. Karan also made revelations about his sex life in an interview. Karan had told that when he was 26, he had sex for the first time. This is about the time when 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' was released. This was Karan's first film as a director. He first had a relationship when he moved to New York after release.

Although they do not say it as pride. Karan, while revealing in his book, wrote that- Before this, I was experienceless about sex. I knew nothing about it. When I first got a chance to go abroad, I heard about a top-class sex service. This is my first time and I escaped from here. Having tried hard, tried again for the second time. Then I wondered why I did it because I was not even enjoying it. It was absolutely silly.

Karan has also made several revelations about his being gay in his biography Unsettable Boy. He said, "Everyone knows what my sexual orientation is." I do not need to say anything about this. If I speak about it, maybe I will have to go to jail as well.

Karan said in an interview, questions were also asked about me and Shahrukh, what is his relationship with me? I got angry at this. So I asked the questioner, do you sleep with your brother? He was agitated and said - what kind of question is that? I said - I am asking this same question,