This is the biggest secret behind Netflix become free, So far behind Desi OTT in the list of trusted brands


People, who watch Netflix by paying a hefty amount every month, are wondering since morning why Netflix has become free? Why is he giving others a chance to be equal to him and that too for two consecutive days? So it is because of Netflix's constantly falling performance in India. Not only are the new Netflix subscribers growing at the expected pace, but it has also lost the list of trusted brands to the domestic OTT G5.

The OTT platform G5 has been in operation for the third year now and the platform has acquired a big name in the country so far. Every year TRA, a website that analyzes the most trusted brands, has released a list for the year 2020, in which they have assessed the entire 1000 brands in the country. There is also a category of OTT among these brands, in which the most trusted OTT is reported by this website as G5.

After the spread of the coronavirus epidemic around the world, when the lockdown was implemented in the country, all the ways of entertainment were closed to the people. At that time OTT was the only means by which people could entertain themselves by seeing some new material. At such a time, OTT spread its foot in the country and achieved great successes. The G5 also did not lag behind. The lockdown was implemented in the country in March and between March and August, the G5 developed rapidly.

According to the information, between March and August, the rate of downloading G5 applications has increased very fast, and up to 86 percent more registrations have taken place. Among the most downloaded applications, this OTT was ranked number nine worldwide in the month of June. Now, according to the latest TRA report, this OTT platform has outdone years-old Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in terms of trustworthy OTT.

The G5 was ranked first in the list of the most trusted OTTs in the TRA report. Amazon Prime Video was second and Netflix third in this list. If we talk about the analysis of brands of categories available in the country, TRA has placed G5 at number 108. Amazon Prime Video has got the number 194 and Netflix has got the number 353. Prime Video and Netflix may have large OTTs globally but lag behind in the country in terms of the trust.

The popularity of G5 in the country is also high because it offers its original content in the country's 12 major languages ​​English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Oriya. Some original web series like 'Rangbaz', 'Abhay' and some original films on this OTT got a lot of viewers. The recently released web series 'Naxalbari' is also doing well on OTT.