This is a very important witness in solving the Sushant case!


Sushant's case, Jagdish Gopinath Das told NCB that in the year 2018, Abbas and Ramadan Ali told me on the phone that they need to visit Pavana Dam. After that Sushant Singh, Rajput, and Abbas Ali came on her boat and went swimming in the middle of the dam.

Jagdish Gopinath Das told that both of them continued to come to Pavana Dam from time to time and ride the boat. His friends also used to come there with him.

Jagdish Gopinath Das told that Sara Ali Khan, Riya Chakraborty, and Shraddha Kapoor used to come there, but the three never came together. Sushant Rajput often sat on the island with Riya for hours. At the same time, Shraddha Kapoor once came with Sushant. Sara Ali Khan partied with Sushant on an island three to four times via his motorboat.

Apart from these, Siddharth Peethani, Dipesh Sawant, Samuel Miranda, Shovik, and Zaid also used to come on the island, these people used to sit on the island for hours and drink, smoke and they were very intoxicated.