This FORM is filled with girls to work in adult films! Click here to know


These days the name of Raj Kundra is dominated on social media. Due to this Shilpa Shetty has also come under the scanner. Raj Kundra has been arrested for making and publishing adult films.

Since then, many memes and many news about both are becoming viral on social media. But let us tell you that for working in every film, whether Bollywood industry or any other industry, a special type of agreement form is signed by the actress or actor. We are going to tell you about this, what is written in it.

Before getting the adult video shot, the producers get a special contract signed. It reads – “I agree to do intimate and erotic scenes, lip kissing, waist-high and completely nude scenes for this film. I am doing this on my own in all the scenes and there is no pressure from the production house on me for this.”

Raj Kundra has also shot many porn films. Those people associated with pornography rackets get actresses to sign. Many actresses have also accused Raj Kundra.

The form also reads, “I am glad that you have made me a part of the web series being made under your Movies banner which is to be released on the world's largest OTT platform. I am being given a package of Rs 10,000 for this. Whose shooting…. The date has to be I declare my consent to do intimate and erotic scenes, kissing on the lips, waist-high and completely nude scenes for the film. I certify that I have no objection to posting this nude scene on any website or online platform. I will not complain to anyone for this in future… Thank you!”