This big change happened in Rani Mukherjee's film Mardaani 2 after a complaint from Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla!


New Delhi, JNN. There was a controversy as the trailer of film actress Rani Mukherjee's film Mardaani 2 was released and now the PR of the film has issued a statement of the director. In this, keeping the opinion of Kota residents and Speaker of Lok Sabha After knowing that Om Birla spoke to the people associated with this film, it has been decided to remove the word 'inspired by true events' from the film.

Gopi Putheran, writer-director of the film Mardaani 2, has said, 'Mardaani 2 delves deeply into serious social issues like sexual harassment and the horrific crimes committed by teenagers in India. When such shocking incidents happen and as a writer, I want to know deeply so that I want to raise this issue and bring out a terrible reality. '

Gopi Putheran added, 'I was disturbed by many incidents in our country in the last four years and the complex nature of those crimes surprised and disturbed me. As a human, I got scared after reading about these events because it could happen to my family or people I know and I wanted to do something through my work that made people Be prepared for the dangers and understand these unintentional dangers which the boys are resorting to such violence. '

Gopi Putheran further said, 'Mardaani 2 is inspired by all the events that shook the country and we all scorched it. Even after all the inspirations, Mardaani 2 is a film and it is not a documentary and should be seen as a film only. Kota has been used by us only as a setting to shoot this film. We are not suggesting in any way that such incidents take place in Kota and we had no intention of tarnishing the reputation of Kota city. If this has hurt or upset the feelings of the residents of the city, we are deeply sorry. We find out that since the trailer says that it is' inspired by true events' and our film is based in Kota, it may be a misunderstanding. '

Gopi Putheran further said, 'YRF has decided that we will remove the word' Inspired by True Events' from the film to ensure that there are no mistakes. We shot Mardaani 2 extensively in Kota and we have received love and overwhelming support from the people of the city and all the officials. YRF is doing this in honor of the people of Kota. '