This actress slept while doing makeup, then got embarrassed when she woke up


It is often seen in the television world that whenever a celebrity is seen doing something new, they become the most highlighted in the media cameras. Today we are talking about Tejaswi Prakash, the superstar of the television industry, which has become quite a big actress.

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Recently, Stunning was dressing her face in makeup. At the same time, she sleep, then after some time, when she woke up, she was ashamed to look at the camera and then whether the pictures of Tejaswi were captured on social media.

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Tejaswi Prakash is counted as one of the known actresses of Hindi TV. Tejaswi started his acting from 2012. Tejashwi's popular role is that of Ragini Maheshwari.

Tejashwi first appeared in the Hindi TV serial '26 -12', in which he made everyone happy by playing the role of Rashmi. After this, she was seen acting in the Sanskar TV show. Tejashwi's career has been very successful. They have just started this, yet Tejashwi has a lot to achieve in life. This is just 10 percent of her success.