This actress also went to Anurag Kashyap's house, three months old post is going viral after the allegations of Payal Ghosh,


Bollywood's legendary producer-director Anurag Kashyap is going through his ordeal these days. He has recently been accused of sexual exploitation by actress Payal Ghosh. He said that Anurag Kashyap called her home and exploited her. Following this allegation by Payal Ghosh, many Bollywood actresses have come forward in support of Anurag Kashyap and they have dismissed Payal's allegations as absolutely false. Now another actress has shared Anurag Kashyap's home experience.

This actress is Sayami Kher. Saiyami Kher has worked in Anurag Kashyap's film Chokd: Paisa Bolta Hai. After the director was accused of sexual exploitation these days, an old post by Sayami Kher is becoming very viral on social media. In the picture of this post, she is seen hugging Anurag Kashyap and having fun with him. While sharing this post, Saiyami Kher shared his home experience.

This post by Sayami Kher is dated 22nd June. In this post, he wrote, 'When I first met AK (Anurag Kashyap), he asked me to come to his Versova house. Before I would say anything, they said don't worry, my parents, live with me. He is considered the Bad Boy of Bollywood. According to people outside his world, he molests drugs, women, and people. Really, what I later understood is that it is completely different. '

Saiyami Kher further wrote in the post, 'Their house is like a typical Indian house. Parents are searching for newspapers. The doorbell rang continuously. After the choked offer, it took a total of three years until the release date. This was the time when I came to know this person. He became my mentor, friend, and boring sound. By staying with them you know the whole truth. He jumps, dances, cries, and expresses joy when he loves your work. If he doesn't, he just says that the man has no filter. '

Saiyami Kher adds in the post, 'She is like an innocent and open-hearted child. He keeps on playing in other's life and forgets himself. Perhaps this is AK (Anurag Kashyap) for him. It always belongs to other people before themselves. ' Also Sayyami Kher has thanked Anurag Kashyap for working together in his post. Let us tell you that Payal Ghosh has accused Anurag Kashyap of sexual exploitation on 19 September.