These police inspectors are very popular in 'Crime Patrol', do you know their real names?


Crime Patrol has a huge fan following. Viewers love this show a lot. Alam is that apart from Sony Liv, there is a long number of people watching it on YouTube as well. Based on true events, different episodes are shown every day in this show. There is an interest in the mind of the audience to know about the actors working in it. Based on true criminal incidents, this serial has adorned the careers of many actors. The motive behind showing this reality show is to make the audience aware of criminal activities and how they can protect themselves.

These policemen work in Crime Patrol

From Geetanjali Mishra to Saleem Khan, these are some of the actors without whom Crime Patrol cannot be imagined. Apart from these actors in the show, the actors who are seen in the role of police are also very famous, today we are going to tell you the real names of these actors ...

Nisar Khan is counted among the best police officers of the Crime Patrol. Fans like the way of solving his case.

I like Sanjeev Tyagi's dialogue Kuto Iso…. Sanjeev Tyagi has worked in more than 200 episodes.

Shashvita Sharma is seen in the role of Lady Inspector in Crime Patrol. He has also worked in many films.

Suman Singh is the most beautiful police inspector on the small screen. Yes, you must have seen them in almost every episode of the crime show 'Crime Patrol'.

Sushil Tyagi is the Senior Inspector of Crime Patrol and has appeared in many episodes.

Moin Azam Khan also appears in the role of Sub-Inspector in Crime Patrol. Their pairing is seen more with Sanjeev Tyagi.

Manish Raj Sharma is also very popular in Crime Patrol.

Rajendra Shisatkar appears in almost every episode of the series. He is one of the senior-most actors in the industry. He has been a part of many Bollywood movies and web series and is a very famous actor.