These artists, who are going through the financial crisis, sought the help of up to 300, 400 rupees from people, said: I want to stay alive


Actor Rajesh Karir, who has appeared in many small screen serials, is going through a very difficult phase these days. He has been sitting at his home for a long time due to a lack of work. In such a situation, their economic condition has deteriorated. He sought help from his loved ones and friends through social media. Rajesh Kareer has played the character of Shivangi Joshi's father in the famous serial Begusarai.

Rajesh Kareer has shared a video of himself on social media. In this video, he is appealing to people to help him by telling about his financial situation. Rajesh Kareer says in the video, 'Friends, I am Rajesh Kareer artist, a lot of people will recognize me. The thing is that if I am ashamed, life is going to be very heavy. I feel like this Just want to request so much that I desperately need help '.

In the video, Rajesh Kareer further says, 'Things have remained very delicate for us. I live in Mumbai with family for 15-16 years. Anyway, I was empty for a long time. It has been two or three months now that the condition is getting worse. My request to you is that even if you put 300, 400, or 500 rupees, because when the shooting starts, I do not know if I get work or not.

Ending his talk in the video, the actor says, 'Zindagi aisa Hoga gaya hai, I can't understand anything. I want to live just, yes I want to live This is my request to join hands Whatever you do so that I want to go back to Punjab, where I will definitely do small work. That time will be fixed, please help me. '

Rajesh Karir has also shared his bank account and his phone number with this video. Let us tell you that due to Coronavirus, there is a lockdown in the entire country. In such a situation, the work of many people has also stopped. From the Bollywood film industry to the small screen industry, it has also completely shut down. Due to which many stars are going through a financial crisis.