These are the best 5 South Indian actors, no. 1 will surprise you


5. Mahesh Babu:

Superstar Mahesh Babu wins all the hearts by playing every kind of character in a good way. He is one of the finest talented actors of South, whose acting is liked by everyone.

4. Rajinikanth:

Superstar Rajinikanth surprises everyone by acting excellently by casting himself in every character. In the South, people consider him as the master of acting.

3. Allu Arjun:

Let us tell you that Allu Arjun is considered as stylistic star of the South. He has always managed to win the hearts of people by playing different characters in films.

2. Dhanush:

Actor Dhanush has achieved success in the South Film Industry. He has played many types of characters in films & has given his best performance in all the characters.

1. Vikram:

Actor Vikram is considered as the best actor in the South Film Industry. Because he can play any type of character. He can play the role of three different characters simultaneously.