These are the 5 reasons due to you can watch Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff's film 'War'


Mumbai. Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff's most anticipated movie 'War' released in theaters on 2 October. Being a couple of action superstars in the film, there was a lot of excitement in the audience. As the title of the film is war, so the film looks packed with tremendous action. In one scene of the film, Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff are seen thirsty for each other's blood. There are many such scenes in the film, from which the audience will not be able to remove their eyes. In this package, we are talking about 5 reasons, due to which you can go to watch Hrithik and Tiger's war.

1. Great action of Guru-disciple:

Two Bollywood actors, who are known for great dance as well as strong action, have been featured together in a film for the first time. By the way, Tiger Shroff considers Hrithik Roshan as his guru and Hrithik himself likes him a lot. Hrithik had suggested the name of Tiger Shroff to the makers for another role in the film. In such a situation, the great dance and action avatar of Guru and disciple will be worth watching.

2. High octane drama on the bike:

In one scene of the film, Tiger jumps from his bike and picks up Hrithik Roshan from his 150 km speed bike and both fall inside, breaking the glass gate of a showroom. Every action and a chasing scene of the film is the USP of the movie. The chasing scene of Tiger running behind Hrithik is quite spectacular.

3. Funny Story and Special Effects:

If you have not seen any entertainment and thriller movie in a long time, then war is made for you. Due to the film's tremendous stunts, great locations and VFX technique, many scenes of the film have been made special by giving special effects.

4. Who won, who lost? :

Both Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff have a good fan following in Bollywood. Both are known for their excellent dance and action. Everyone saw Tiger chasing Hrithik in the trailer of the film, but who wins in this chasing, it will be very interesting to see.

5. Beautiful Locations:

The beautiful location of the film is also its USP. 'War' is shot in beautiful locations in countries like Spain, Georgia, Sweden, and Portugal. If you are going to see the film, then you will also get to see the magnificent views of these countries.