These are the 5 famous Bollywood stars of the 90s, people still remember number 1


Today we are going to tell you about the 90's stars who have worked in Bollywood, who is no longer seen in Bollywood. So let's know about them.

5. Navneet Nishan -

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Beautiful actress Navneet Nishan who has entered Bollywood from TV serial has not been seen in Bollywood for a long time. In the 90s film Raja Hindustani, she did a great acting.

4. Sumeet Saigal -

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Sumeet Saigal has worked in many films in the 90s. Among them Nag Mani, the film of Dost Garibo was liked by the people but for the last several years he has not appeared in Bollywood films.

3. Rageshwari Loomba-

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The beautiful actress and singer of the 90s, Rageshwari has not been seen in Bollywood from many years. Let me tell you that she has worked in the superhit films Aankhen and Main Khiladi Tu Anari.

2. Avinash Wadhavan -

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Avinash Wadhavan had become a name in the 90s. He has acted in many hit films. For information, let us know that Avinash Wadhavan has not been seen in Bollywood from the last 14 years.

1. Tiku Talsania -

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Tiku Talsania , who played comedy in many films in the 90s, is not seen in Bollywood. Let me tell you that he has been the best comedy actor of that time.