The wealth of crores and billions but there is no pride at all, even today these stars live a normal life


There are many stars who earn crores but still do not forget their days of struggle. This struggle always makes them realize that nothing is here forever, only then do these stars remain attached to the ground. They don't care about their success at all. From Nana Patekar to the most popular actor in the country and abroad, Rajinikanth is also a similar person. These people have no shortage of anything but they still like to live a simple life.

Nana Patekar is known for his tremendous acting in films. Nana is also known for leading a simple life. Nana earned fame and wealth from films but never forgot his simplicity, that is why he has a fan following in crores. Nana still eats food while sitting on the ground.

South's superstar Rajinikanth is worshiped like a god by his fans. Rajinikanth has struggled a lot before acting. Apart from films, Rajinikanth invests his money in real estate investment, shares, production, and studios. He is also the highest-paid actor, despite this, he does not have any pride, he still likes to live a normal life. You must have often seen him eating food while sitting with the fans.

Despite being the top singer of the country, Arijit Singh is a grounded person. The song 'Tum Hi Ho' from Arijit Singh's film 'Aashiqui 2' changed fate. Arijit prefers to go to the award ceremony or any event in plain clothes. Once he went to the award show wearing slippers. Arijit Singh is very shy after so much fame and success and does not like attention.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has no shortage of anything today. Whatever he has achieved, he has done on his own. A picture of Dhoni was revealed in which he was sitting down and eating food. Earlier, he had slept on the platform due to the delay in flight time. Now just think, the person whose world is crazy, he should not have any pride in himself...

Who would have thought that a person like superstar Chiranjeevi helps his mother at home? Cleans the house with a vacuum cleaner and helps in cooking but it is true. Chiranjeevi is a down-to-earth person and even after having crores of wealth, he lives a simple life.

Akshay Kumar also has a special attachment to the soil of his country. Apart from films, most of Akshay Kumar's earnings come from brand promotion. But they are not proud of their wealth. From working as a waiter in a hotel to becoming a top hero, Akshay's journey has been full of struggles, so there is no question of being proud of him.